Left Hand Architecture & Design Inc. is a full-service architecture and design studio that seeks to provide practical, creative solutions for client design needs. With locations in both Calgary, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, the practice is an extension of the beliefs and experiences of its founder Anthony Cameron, who has spent years honing his craft in the two provinces. Anthony has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from multi-family housing, to religious and civic institutions, to restaurants.

Anthony brings unique perspectives and approaches to the practice of architecture. These perspectives and approaches are influenced by his unique Caribbean-Canadian upbringing, and travel experiences. Through the work of Left Hand Architecture & Design Inc., Anthony attempts to synthesize the concepts of Creativity, Culture, and Faith. These experiences and concepts translate into sensitivity to Clients’ needs and objectives.

The philosophy of Left Hand Architecture & Design Inc. is; “leave creative thinking in our hands”. The firm believes that “what a building looks like” is only the end the result of the creative process. Creativity is also used to solve the everyday challenges associated with bringing a building from conception to reality. Parameters such as budget should not compromise the quality of the product. This and other parameters are what force Left Hand Architecture & Design Inc. to find creative solutions that result in the delivery of a successful project.

Value Proposition – What Makes us Unique

The by-product of good architecture is an infinite number of unique, interactive, and personal experiences for end-users. What is equally important during the creation of architecture is; the unique, interactive, and personal experiences of the Client. This Value Proposition is manifested through;

  • Client participation and interaction
  • Relationship building between the Architect and our Clients
  • Listening to, and educating our Clients

Our Services